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One person awards all five stars in a survey

Mystery shopping is an objective approach to measuring service quality.

The method is mainly used in industries such as retail, banking, insurance, travel agencies, restaurants, hotel chains, airlines and car dealerships. But also in many other areas where service contributes to the success of a company, association or authority, such as museums, public transport, pharmacies, authorities or fitness studios.

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Mystery shopping tests the real sales situation – such as friendliness or the quality of the consultation. In addition, open answers and justifications are included.

ÜberChecking the quality of service in the public and semi-public sector, such as in offices, hospitals, consulting facilities, associations, etc., by means of so-called “mystery citizens”.prüfung der Servicequalität im öffentlichen und halböffentlichen Bereich wie in Ämtern, Krankenhäusern, Beratungseinrichtungen, Vereinigungen etc. mittels sogenannter “Mystery Citizen”.

Verification of service and service quality by mystery guests. We test the quality of consulting and service according to individually defined test scenarios.

We check the qualityof your customer center by phone, chat or mail according to focal points defined by you.

Our testers check the quality of local and long-distance transport companies, cabs, buses and other public transport. We monitor compliance with the standards you set and survey your passengers.

All details about our Mystery Shopping offers especially for transport companies – incl. Price example.

Developments in 2020 have shown that hygiene, cleanliness and the protection of employees and customers will be of particular importance for the common areas of companies. MarketScout testet ab sofort diese Faktoren automatisch bei allen regulären Tests und bieten darüber hinaus großflächige oder stichprobenartige Hygienetests.

These hygiene tests include sampling, checks by UV light, odor sampling, appearance and clothing of employees up to the verification of the presence of clean consumables (where required). Critical processes or spatial areas that could cause concern among guests, customers or visitors are observed by our testers and described in detail.

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Surveys – internal and external

In mystery shopping, a mystery shopper checks off requirements that have been met.

The surveyis a proven method to collect data in marketresearch.

We use our extensive methodologicalknowledge to ensure that you get useful information through our survey.

We offer written, telephone – as well as personal or online surveys.

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Did you know that 90 percent of dissatisfied customers do not contact the company directly? And every dissatisfied customer tells an average of 10 other potential customers about their experience?
We know that customer satisfactionis not a one-time act, but a process. This requires knowledge of the customersneeds, wishesand expectations.

Customers In this way, conflicts, relationships between individual employees and supervisors, as well as personal motivation can be analyzed and measures for higher employee satisfaction can be derived.

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