Mystery Shopping im Tourismus

Customized products for tourism companies

Market-Scout has been testing service quality and customer satisfaction for service companies in various industries for over ten years. As of now, we now offer our own mystery test products and survey tools developed specifically for the requirements of tourism.

Our products

Icon of a round ringing hotel bell

Hotel- und Guesthouse-Check

The standard product for the large and small accommodation business
Operation-based check of your operation with the following key data:

  • Reservation or booking process (different booking channels)
  • Overall appearance of the farm (inside and outside)
  • Welcome and check in
  • Foreign language skills
  • Dealing with special requests
  • Appearance of the reception area
  • Appearance of the room / apartment
  • Smell, cleanliness, temperature and order in the room / apartment
  • Check the additional services offered (from ironing service to nail set to room service)optional:
  • Common area check
  • Check of the restaurant / bistro / breakfast (see also products for catering companies).
  • Check of the wellness areas (optional)
  • Limousinenservice / Airport Shuttle

For special “deep” tests, testers receive a special “legend” aligned to your desired parameters. In this “legend” it is defined with which concern or appearance the tester should appear and which correct or incorrect behavior in tested persons or processes can be triggered and assessed with it. Examples here may include simple legends such as an allergy sufferer’s concerns about carpeting, a representation of a guest with unusual room requests, or a request for unusual or rare additional services. We additionally create legends individually for your company and your products and services.

We are also happy to test the operations of your competitors and create comparative evaluations of your company.

Airbnb Landlord Check

The standard product for private room landlords who want to get to know their processes “from the outside”.
Object-related check of the apartment with the following key data:

  • Booking procedure and communication
  • Check in procedure and foreign language skills
  • Overall appearance of the apartment or room
  • Cleanliness, clarity, house rules.
  • Overall appearance of the landlord
  • personal feelings: Safety, welcome feeling, atmosphere
  • Dealing with complaints and objection handling
  • Checkout
  • Check of any additional services offered
  • Behavior with special “legend

And of course, our testers also write a review.

Icon of a rented room
Icon of a popcorn bag, representative for cinema and other leisure facilities

Cinema/Theater/Recreation Business Check

The standard product for recreational use

  • Reservation and ticket purchase
  • Condition and operation of a ticket vending machine
  • Overall appearance of the operation
  • Appearance of the individual rooms or areas
  • Availability of the services offered
  • Interaction and appearance with staff
  • Complaints and objection handling

Visitor survey

Guest survey in the waiting or serving area of your establishment

We survey your guests directly during their stay or afterwards by email or preferably by phone.

  • Usage behavior
  • General impression
  • Comparative values to possible competitors
  • Satisfaction
  • Potential for improvement

In our online variant, evaluation cards are left in various areas, with which the survey of the visitor can be carried out via a website.

Fahrgastbefragung: Ein zufriedener und ein unzufriedener Smiley, daneben Checkboxen. Der zufriedene Smiley ist ausgewählt.

How we work

Data: protected

Personal customer data is retained by Market-Scout for a period of six months and then pseudonymized. If longer storage is desired, this must be ordered separately.

Documentation of the defects

If legally possible, defects such as soiling, missing facilities or defective products are recorded by photo documentation. We never record personal information without the consent of your employees.

Price example

Especially as an AirBnB landlord, whether with one or more apartments, you can gain a lot with the tests by Market-Scout. You will receive objective and factual findings on the delays or shortcomings, without emotional connotation or indifference in the irreversible evaluation of a guest. Become a superhost!

In our price example, we occupied an apartment twice within half a year with five tests each time. The second test phase proceeded after the landlord had set measures and improvements.

Power Quantity Price/piece Total

Mystery Visit

  • Coordination of the Mystery Visiter on site
  • Carrying out the renting and unrenting (1 day each)

2 x 5

€ 75,-

€ 850,-

Setup and reporting – special conditions

  • Setup
  • Preparation of report and catalog of measures

Paid rentals and any booking fees will be charged 1:1.

€ 350,-
€ 250,-


€ 1.450,-

All prices excl. Value added tax.

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