Mystery Shopping in Shopping Centers

Customized products for malls, centers and shopping streets

Market-Scout has been testing service quality and customer satisfaction for service companies in various industries for over ten years. Since 2019, we also offer special products for the operators of shopping malls, shopping centers and shopping streets.

Our products

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Comparative store checks

The standard product for mall or center
Comparative store check of all stores (or a selection) with the following key data:

  • Appearance of the store from the inside and outside
  • Sufficient and good stocking of goods
  • Appearance of the employees
  • Sequence of the consultation or sales talk (additional sales, active sales promotion, quality of consultation)
  • Coping with varying workloads and times of day
  • Reference to ongoing actions
  • Objection handling and complaint
  • Compliance with center or mall rules
  • Personal reception of the shopper

The evaluations are prepared comparatively, the overall results of the individual stores are included in a ranking, which can be clustered by industry.

Customer counts

Visitor counts at center or malleingangores or number plate counting:

  • Determination of customer frequency on a counting basis
  • Determination of a catchment area on the basis of number plate counting and evaluation
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Visitor survey

Visitor surveys, the standard product for malls and centers

We ask the visitors of the center about your usage behavior
The charges are:

  • General usage behavior (frequency, purchase budget)
  • Demographic basic data
  • Directions and parking
  • Usage frequencies of the different shops, industries and gastronomy
  • User expectations

How we work

Data: protected

Personal customer data is stored by Market-Scout for a period of six months and then pseudonymized. If longer storage is desired, this must be ordered separately.

Documentation of the defects

If legally possible, detected defects or soiling are also documented photographically.

Price example

Regardless of whether changes are imminent in the center or you want to get to know your visitors better, the visitor survey is a good basis for this. It can also be easily extended with individual additional questions or blocks.

In our pricing example, we survey 250 visitors to an outlet center with an additional focus on possible changes to the parking services and around a planned expansion of the attached food and beverage outlets

Power Quantity Price/piece Total


250 surveys with 2-man survey team

€ 2000,-

Setup and reporting – special conditions

  • Setup
  • Data Analysis
  • Create reporting and visualization

€ 350,-
€ 250,-
€ 150,-


€ 2.750,-

All prices excl. Value added tax.

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