Mystery shopping in the real estate sector

Customized products for real estate agents

Market-Scout has been testing service quality and customer satisfaction for service companies in various industries for over ten years. With immediate effect we now offer our own mystery test, specially developed for the requirements of the real estate business.

Our products

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The standard product for the real estate agent
Company- and employee-based check with the following key data:

  • Preparation of the object (website/newspaper)
  • Object inquiry and appointment
  • On-time delivery
  • Behavior in the event of postponements
  • Appearance of the employee
  • Greeting at the object
  • Conversation management and explanations
  • Behavior during the conversation
  • Emotional (appreciation, building trust, eye level, commitment)
  • Offer submission (by e-mail)

For special “deep” tests, testers receive a special “legend” aligned to your desired parameters. In this “legend” it is defined with which concern or appearance the tester should appear and which correct or incorrect behavior in tested persons or processes can be triggered and assessed with it. Examples here may include simple legends such as questions about financing and trusts, or more complex questions about special property expansion and conversion options, static information, neighborhood information (all of which may need to be researched first). We additionally create legends individually for your company and your products and services.

We are also happy to test the processes of your competitors and create comparative evaluations of your company.


The survey product for the assessment of an inspection date
It is collected the following after the appointment made by phone or online:

  • Basic demographic data
  • General usage data on real estate brokerage
  • Compliance with the requirements
  • General perception of the conversation
  • Assessment of the interlocutor
Fahrgastbefragung: Ein zufriedener und ein unzufriedener Smiley, daneben Checkboxen. Der zufriedene Smiley ist ausgewählt.

How we work

Data: protected

Personal customer data is retained by Market-Scout for a period of six months and then pseudonymized. If longer storage is desired, this must be ordered separately.

Price example

Really get to know your employees when talking to prospects about our testers. Through our testers, you slip into the role of the customer and the communication and consultation is revealed.

In our price example, we had five of our testers compete twice each at different properties on offer.

Power Quantity Price/piece Total

Mystery Visit

  • Coordination of the Mystery Visiter on site
  • Test interviews including appointment

2 x 5

€ 85,-

€ 850,-

Setup and reporting – special conditions

  • Setup
  • Preparation of report and catalog of measures

€ 350,-
€ 250,-


€ 1.450,-

All prices excl. Value added tax.

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