With our business psychologist Mag. DBA Michael-Andreas Heiss, you work through the results of the tests and customer surveys in a constructive manner without assigning blame. The goal of coaching is to give you and your employees the psychological tools to perform more successfully or even more successfully in customer or prospect contacts.

Results analysis

Facts are friendly
(Michael-Andreas Heiss)

Results of tests are discussed factually and without blame. Possible faulty structures and processes become recognizable. Processes behind the tests become recognizable and can be discussed and made visible.

In the joint analysis of results, the quality of customer relationships will be discussed: on the basis of the available data, it will be worked out what customers consider important in their shopping experiences, how motivation for repeated purchases and satisfaction can be created. Particular importance is also attached here to respectful and understanding interaction, which leads to customers and interested parties “going home with a pleasant feeling”. How and whether these parameters were achieved in the tests is discussed in the group on the basis of the available results.

Coaching & Tools

The coaching takes place in small groups of maximum 5 persons each. The focus of the coaching is clearly the interaction with the customer as well as a successful authenticity, the congruence between seller and product (or service).

  • SWOT analysis

  • Role plays

  • Career motivation

  • Self-Assessments

  • Turning weaknesses into strengths

  • Strengthen self-confidence

  • Stress management

  • Enable respectful customer relationships

In real-life role plays, strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats are worked out according to the SWOT method. What has been learned should be consolidated in an appreciative manner so that it can be implemented in the employee’s everyday situation. Against the background of the salesperson’s professional motivation, however, the desire to engage with the customer and his or her motives should also be strengthened, as this is the prerequisite for a successful relationship. In addition to verbal assessments by an observer or Reflecting Team and self-assessments (questionnaires), video analysis of verbal and non-verbal behavior is also used.

Overall, we want to increase self-confidence by strengthening strengths and turning weaknesses into strengths. But we also see resistance to all kinds of stress as a central competence. The better the self-perception of the salesperson, the more likely it is that he or she will be able to respond to the customer’s misperceptions and possibly address or eliminate them. Only if the customer relationship is successful, i.e. if there is a secure basis of trust, can the product and its characteristics take center stage. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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