Offers for local transport companies

Customized products for public transport providers.

MarketScout has been testing service quality and customer satisfaction for service companies in various industries for over ten years. As of June 2018, we now offer our own MysteryTest product range developed specifically for the requirements of mass transit companies.

Our products

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Driver- & Bus/Tram–Check

The standard product for mass transit
Line or driver-related check of the vehicle with the following key data:

  • Greeting and ticket control
  • Ticket sales, return money situation
  • Route or time information (and reaction of drivers, optional: foreign language skills)
  • Cleanliness and order in the driver’s cab
  • Interaction with other passengers
  • Cleanliness, smell and condition of the vehicle
  • Sense of safety in the vehicle
  • Dealing with traffic rules and rules of local transport (stopping outside stations, etc.)
  • Dealing with special passengers (with disabilities, large groups, young people)
  • Punctuality check
  • Condition of the ticket machine in the vehicle (if available)

Driver- and Taxi/Limousine–Check

The standard product for cab and rental car
Vehicle or driver-related check of the vehicle with the following key data:

  • Order and order process
  • Distinction: Phone & App
  • Waiting time and punctuality
  • Welcome in the vehicle
  • Cleanliness, smell and condition of the vehicle
  • Volume, option: Onset handling: Radio(station)
  • Sense of safety in the vehicle
  • Adherence to the shortest or best route
  • Dealing with traffic rules
  • Dealing with special passengers (with disabilities, large groups, young people)
  • Checkout, farewell
  • Payment process, return money situation, invoice issue
  • Special perceptions
Icon eines Taxis, stellvertretend auch für Mietwagen


Mostly together with the Driver Check, survey of the condition at stops.

  • Condition of the ticket vending machine at the stop (if any).
  • Cleanliness and condition of the stop
  • Notices, timetables, digital displays
  • Sense of security during the waiting time


Ticket sales at the ticket counter of your company.

  • Greeting, consultation (optional: foreign language skills)
  • Change and money return
  • Ticket exchange or cancellation
  • Waiting time
  • Cleanliness at the counter, general condition of the counter environment.
Ein ÖPNV-Ticket, das aus einem Automaten kommt.
Ticketkontrolle: Ein ÖPNV-Ticket wird unter die Lupe genommen.


Dealing with fare evaders or passengers with expired tickets. MarketScout goes black at the „right“ time and we check the professionalism of your controls.

  • Sequence of the control process
  • Dealing with objections (optional for all: foreign language skills, for example in dealing with tourists)
  • Legal notice
  • Friendliness/determination/boundary crossing

Passenger survey

Passenger survey in the means of transport

We interview passengers on the transport.
Are raised

  • Usage behavior
  • Satisfaction
  • Knowledge of productions and actions
  • individual reception and experience (safety, satisfaction, cost/benefit)
  • Competitors (alternative transport providers, individual transport)
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Our products

Data: protected

Personal customer data is stored by MarketScout for a period of six months and then pseudonymized. If longer storage is desired, this must be ordered separately.

Documentation of the defects

If legally possible, defects such as soiling or vandalism are recorded in photographic form. We never record personal information without the consent of your employees.

Our products

Mobility has always moved people, and not just in the truest sense of the word. Regardless of whether we travel by public transportation, such as a streetcar, bus, or subway, or take a cab to get from A to B, the way we are transported plays a major role. To subject your service to passengers to an objective performance review, we have developed a product catalog for all variants of local transport.

In our pricing example, we visited 40 bus drivers to take a closer look at the requirements of the passengers. In order to exclude a one-time effect and thus make the result more objective, the action was repeated 3-5 days later.

Power Quantity Price/piece Total

Mystery Visit

  • Coordination of the Mystery Visiter on site
  • Implementation of the visits
  • Data entry and cleaning

optional repetition 3-5 days after initial visit



€ 25,-

€ 20,-

€ 1.600,-

€ 2.000,-

Setup and reporting – special conditions

  • Setup
  • Data Analysis
  • Create reporting

€ 300,-
€ 250,-
€ 180,-


€ 4.330,-

All prices excl. Value-added tax.

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